183 days in Europe - Where are you heading?

MCE Insurance As we are all well aware, the weather in Britain can be somewhat... erratic. You could be looking out of the window at sunshine, run and get your leathers on and by the time you grab your keys it could be chucking it down.

A number of our policy holders have embarked on a road trip to Mugello this weekend, it's a gem on the MotoGP calendar - a sea of yellow greets you at the gates, it is Rossi's home race after all... and a weekend of noise and a general party atmosphere await you.

Our 183 days European cover has allowed this journey to be possible as the riders head out on their pride and joys, ready for miles and miles of great weather and even better roads.

So why not get a quote today, or give our customer services a call if you want to find out more information on the fantatic benefits also included with every MCE policy.

Those of you who have already made your plans of where you're heading using your 183 days - where are you going to and what are you riding? We'd love to hear it!

02.06.2017 - Big Ed

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