2014 provides best bike sales this decade!

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The National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) has revealed that 2014 was the best year since 2009 for the total volume of bike registrations in the UK. This is suggestive that the economic recovery has begun to transfer to bike sales, which is great news for UK motorcyclists.

In December alone 4554 bikes were registered in the UK, an impressive statistic when taking into account that December is considered a quiet period within the motorcycling world. In 2014 a remarkable 101,277 new machines were put on the UK roads, predominantly within the 50cc-125cc bracket. This is a particularly interesting statistic, due to the fact that for many a bike of that size is considered a 'starter bike', meaning that we may be welcoming a new generation to the community, one that will follow the example commonly set and go on to buy bigger and more powerful models. This can be clearly seen with the 126cc-650cc market said to be showing 'healthy growth' by the NMDA, also.

They also note a few other interesting trends, for instance the demand for budget brands such as Lexmoto and the online only company Direct Bikes were higher than more established bigger companies such as BMW and Harley Davidson. This is demonstrative that the economic recovery is not yet over, with more people buying smaller, cheaper bikes for commuting and other non-leisure activities.

Overall, this is great news for the biking world, with more people buying bikes and a younger generation demonstrating interest; it is evident to see that there is not just more confidence in the economy, but also greater interest in bike sales. With this trend set, hopefully 2015 will be not just a good year for motorcycle dealers, but for the biking community as a whole.

14.01.2015 - MCE Insurance

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