£30 million collected in speeding fines

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2012 saw motorist's charged £30 million for speeding offences with the number of serious speeding violations increasing by 10%.

Police information released through the Freedom of information act revealed that nearly half a million Fixed Penalty notices were handed out to drivers for minor speeding offences. Giving them a fine and a loss of points on their license. Within that half a million was also the increased number of court summons incurred for more serious speeding offences.

Court summons were found to be often reserved for drivers breaking the limit by more than 25 mile per hour. New advances in technology are helping drivers overcome speed cameras, with satellite navigation devices fitted with warning systems. They do only know about the fixed speed cameras though so if your local bobby is round the corner with a camera you're done for.

Speed limits are put in place for a simple reason, they save lives. Research has shown that by keeping to the speed limit whilst driving can make a life saving difference. 360,000 drivers are said to have been involved in accidents due to speeding in the last 5 years.

20.06.13 - James Davey

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