£51,000 ordered back from crash-for-cash conman

MCE Insurance

A judge at the Old Bailey has ordered that boxer Kevin Heartbreak pays back £51,000 in compensation to insurance companies.

Heartbreak who is serving 18 months for masterminding a 'crash-for-cash' scam which saw him swindle insurance companies by creating 12 false crashes on which he claimed has been ordered to pay the money he earned from it back. The money will come from Heartbreak's bank account and the sale of his beloved cars. If he does not make the payment his sentence could be increased by a further 18 months.

IFED financial investigator Simon Styles commented, "This confiscation should send a message to anyone thinking of committing insurance fraud: we will bring you to justice and ultimately deprive you of the proceeds of your criminal activity."

Quote taken from Insurance Times

04.12.13 - MCE Insurance

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