A Possible Police Crackdown on Speeding Offences?

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Many motorists abide by the 'margin of error' approach to speed restrictions, the idea that there is a degree of leeway involved when calculating speeds and the enforcement of further action. Some say ten percent, others say add an additional two on top of that figure - so for instance if it was a 40mph zone and you were travelling at 44mph you would evade further action.

This idea could soon be proven to be one of the past, however, with suggestions that with the technological advances in speed cameras there is now greater accuracy and therefore there may be a crackdown on all offences.

This could lead to more drivers receiving fines and penalty points due to the fact that the measurements are now far more precise, therefore anyone travelling even 41mph in the same zone could now be punished.

A spokesman for the National Police Chiefs' Council has said: 'If you are over the limit, you are breaking the law' and therefore any breach, however slight, should still result in punishment.

However, president of the AA, Edmund King, has weighed into the debate saying: 'If a driver strays over the limit by 2mph, they shouldn't be, but it's better they do that and stay focused on what is going on around them'.

This argument is an interesting point, posing the question is a person continually keeping an eye on their speedometer any safer than one who is giving the road their full concentration. It is an interesting argument and one that is sure to divide drivers and riders alike.

01.08.2015 - MCE Insurance

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