MCE Insurance allow 5 bikes per policy!

MCE Insurance

Every rider has at some point developed a relationship with a motorcycle, be it after a particularly long road trip or a bond developed on a particular Sunday way-back-when when the weather and roads were just right.

MCE Insurance understand that motorcyclists certainly don't go with the mentality of 'less is more' and that is reflected in their multi-bike policies which have the option of adding up to five bikes onto any one policy.

This is great for riders who wish to have a bike for every situation, from daily commuters to adventure bikes you have the option to get them all onto one shared policy and incorporate your no claims bonus discount on all five.

MCE's Commercial Director MCE Simon French commented, "We are incredibly proud of our multi-bike policies and we will continue to strive to ensure our policies are the best that they can be for our customers. The reception we continually receive on our multi-bike policies is demonstrative we are already hitting the mark!"

If you are looking for a multi-bike quote then give MCE Insurance a ring on 0844 338 68 16, one of their agents will be happy to get you on cover!

27.01.2016 - Big Ed

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