BMW reveal the Concept Link

MCE Insurance BMW are no strangers to a radical concept motorcycle, some unite the population in a shared love - for instance the Concept Ninety released a few years ago that went to become the R NineT - other concept bikes have not been as well received.

This year BMW have unveiled their latest design, the Concept Link.

This electric motorcycle is low and long, running on flat energy packs the BMW concept boasts of fast acceleration and manouverability, perfect for a city commuter. The bike also features a reverse gear, which they hope will assist in getting around busy streets. The seat bench can accommodate one to two riders, hidden underneath is a storage area accessed by a sliding hatch.

Edgar Henrich, Head of Design at BMW Mottorrad says 'The BMW Motorrad Concept Link, with its timeless and reduced style, is m ore than a concept - it is rather a symbol for a new era.'

The bike is also intended to be a communications device, an onboard computer can integrate the rider's calendar and suggest quicker routes, all displayed on a head up display that also provides the battery status - as well as a touch sensitive secondary screen underneath the handlebars.

It's unclear as of yet whether or not the concept will make it into production, but Stephan Schaller, CEO of BMW Motorrad says we may be seeing a bike that resembles this in the next five years are so.

The design and overall concept is dividing motorcyclists worldwide, what do you think of the Concept Link?

02.06.2017 - Big Ed

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