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MCE Insurance I'll admit I haven't ridden much in 2017 to date - it's a shocking confession from someone who lives and breathes motorcycles like I do. There has been a number of reasons - from the cold temperatures meaning I have to layer up, to the darker mornings and earlier evenings which are hardly my favourite times to be on a bike, especially while doing the daily commute.

However last weekend something clicked, most likely spurred on by Marc Marquez putting snow tyres onto his MotoGP bike and going crazy in the snow (if you haven't yet seen it, I highly recommend you find it on my Facebook page) I got up and got on the bike.

Everyone goes through a period of not riding as much as they would necessarily like due to the weather or family commitments etc, the longer it goes on the more excuses we seem to find, but as soon as we do dust off those cobwebs we remember the reason why we love our bikes.

Sure, cars are sometimes more convenient - heated seats, cup holders and auxiliary ports (not sure if I'm describing a car or a Goldwing anymore...), but little compares to the enjoyment I felt getting back on the proverbial horse and getting up and getting out.

This is more of an apology to the year so far than anything else - 2017, I'm sorry that I've been a poor rider recently and I shall no longer neglect my pride and joys with poor excuses and laziness.

And to you, if you're still reading this, get up and get out - you won't regret it!

20.01.2017 - Big Ed

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