Big Eds Blog - Lorenzo says thank you and farewell

MCE Insurance I'm a firm believer that in motorcycle racing what's going on in the mind of the rider is one of the most important factors, you could have the strongest bike on the grid, but if there's something lurking around up top it can be a stumbling block.

In my opinion there's no better example than Jorge Lorenzo at present. It cannot be disputed that he's a truly exceptional rider that can display unfathomable consistency in races, leading to him creating impressive gaps and winning races in a commanding fashion. It is however fair to say that when, for whatever reason, his head isn't in it he struggles to reach the level that he's capable of and can provide below par results. In 2016 I believe we saw both sides of the coin, some exquisite riding contrasted with some disappointing races by his standards.

The only reason I'm writing this blog is to congratulate him on his win on Sunday, as well as marvel at his incredible qualifying performance on Saturday, smashing the previous record. On Thursday he published an open letter to Yamaha, thanking them for everything during his time with the team. It was heartfelt and honest and it played on my mind leading up to the weekend, the reason being the final section addressed his goals for the weekend, and it demonstrated a determination that made me almost certain this weekend's win was his.

He said: 'From the next year on, I'll be facing new challenges, but we still have a last objective in Yamaha: Let's try to win the last race of the season. This would be a very beautiful parting gift for those who believed in me'.

It was great to see the Spaniard head out for his final MotoGP race with Yamaha with that attitude - his goal to provide a result to thank them for everything they've done, towards the likes of Lin Jarvis who trusted him to achieve great things at as young as 19 years old, and he certainly didn't disappoint. It was fantastic to see a return to form from Jorge, I think he summoned up something from somewhere that meant he had no doubts that the victory this weekend was his, and more importantly it was for Yamaha.

14.11.2016 - Big Ed

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