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MCE Insurance In my last blog I chatted about how the show season has come to an end, but it means that the 2017 MCE BSB is looming - which in my most honest opinion is far, far more exciting.

In my eyes this year is going to be the most special one to date - I could list ten riders on the spot who I think could have a chance of not only a showdown spot, but the overall championship in itself. That just goes to show the level of talent and depth in the championship, every year the margins get smaller and increasingly we no longer discuss seconds - but tenths, hundredths and thousandths instead, it's simply incredible to see.

The action began at Donington Park on Wednesday - where the official MCE BSB pre-season test took place. The weather let us down a little bit with showers dampening proceedings throughout, however it didn't deter MCE BSB fans from coming down and checking out the class of 2017!

Iddon topped the combined Superbike times, with Byrne and Guintoli making up the top three. Haslam, Westmoreland, Irwin, Dunlop, Bridewell, Brookes and Giugliano made up the top ten. Being completely honest these results should only be glanced upon, I think we all can agree they won't provide any clear evidence of who is strongest heading into round one - the rain stopped anyone pushing too hard.

My next stop is Donington again, however this time we'll have an entire weekend ahead of us, culminating in two races which will be the best indication of who has had the most productive winter - as Danny Buchan recently tweeted, when the flag drops the nonsense stops!*

* (I had to censor a word slightly there...)

24.03.2017 - Big Ed

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