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MCE Insurance There's been twenty-six races in this year's MCE British Superbike championship, and I've been privileged enough to stand on every single grid, interacting with every single rider before they head out to battle once more. It's a fantastic place to be and I'm completely aware of how lucky I am to be a part of it.

From a personal standpoint this has been one of the most memorable years to date, the rivalry sparked between Byrne and Haslam from the very off was something pretty special - and not only that there were a number of riders continually in the mix ready to show the world that it wasn't a two horse race. The final showdown six deserved their spot, however I genuinely believe that the entire top ten were deserving of a place, the calibre of racing this year was THAT good.

I want to congratulate Shane Byrne on another fantastic Championship victory, five titles is no accident and he has been spectacular this year - to jump on the Ducati and find a consistent form so swiftly is a true demonstration of the level of talent he has. I also want to applaud Leon Haslam for a fantastic return to the Championship, he was matched equally with Byrne on seven race wins apiece and pushed just as hard throughout the year, however his DNF's at Donington and Brands in the showdown cost him dearly and Byrne was able to pull away.

The MCE crew and I went out in the evening of the final race day and celebrated, drank and laughed - it was brilliant yet bittersweet, there was a sense of accomplishment as ever, however it's sad to see another spectacular year come to an end. I did a Facebook status to my followers in the evening after a few too many glasses of wine being uncharacteristically sentimental, however I still stand by every word - thanks to every single one of you for making it such an incredible and memorable season - from Club MCE members to marshals, selfie squad members to the incredible staff at MCE, thank you. 2016 has been a phenomenal year for me, MCE and the Championship. I'm proud to have been part of it.

17.10.2016 - Big Ed

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