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In a blink of an eye we're now at the halfway stage of the MCE British Superbike series! Personally I think it's been one of the most interesting championships that I have been part of, it's had endless amounts of excitement and thankfully we still have six more rounds to keep us entertained!

Every year I try to predict the six riders who will make the showdown, and every year I'm relatively confident when making my list who will make the cut. This year? I would honestly struggle to name six riders with any degree of certainty. Byrne, Brookes and Ellison have settled into the top six nicely and look on track to comfortably make the showdown. Prior to this weekend I would have told you that Stuart Easton was a shoe in for success, however with his crash at Brands last weekend it could mean that he takes a while to build the confidence that we have seen in previous rounds back up.

O'Halloran and Bridewell make up the top six - they have both had some incredible races in this season so far, however they have not quite yet built up the consistent run of finishes that they would have no doubt have been looking for. With Michael Laverty only one point away from his Tyco BMW teammate in making the top six it's evident to see that the top six positions in the championship are far from secure.

Richard Cooper sits 22 points behind Laverty, however he showed great promise at the last round with two podium finishes and seems to have really made himself at home on his Anvil Hire TAG Racing Kawasaki at the halfway point in the season.

Linfoot currently sits in ninth in the championship, he had an incredible start to the series, however returning from injury he hasn't quite found his feet yet, however I have no doubt when he finds it he will be gunning for that top six finish.

British Supersport Champion Billy McConnell has had a relatively quiet season with regards to making the headlines, however he has been consistent and has subsequently bagged himself 10th place.

The big surprise for me is absence of Ryuichi Kiyonari not only in the top 6, but in the top 10 riders. His season has been poor by his standards and I hope he can return at Thruxton with the fine form that we all know he possesses.

In conclusion, I have no idea how everything's going to play out! I'll no doubt look back on this blog in a few months' time and realise how wrong I was, and I enjoy that! MCE BSB is full of twists and turns and I genuinely never have any idea what the next round will bring. All I know is it's never boring, and that's why I love it!

21.07.2015 - Big Ed

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