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It's a great time of year for any motorcyclist. The weather is fantastic and the days are longer, the perfect excuse for a proper ride out in the summer sun. For some these are the only months that their motorcycle sees daylight, for others it is just another day on the roads. Whether you're dusting off your leathers or grabbing them on your way out of the door, here a few tips on the fundamentals of filtering.

All riders have a different approach to filtering, some believe it is a basic right and others believe it is too dangerous to save an extra minute or two. There is no correct answer to the debate, however under the eyes of the law it is perfectly legal, and one of the many perks of riding a motorcycle.

A tip that arguably applies to all walks of life is moderation is key - and it undoubtedly applies to filtering. In a perfect world every motorcycle on the road would be completely visible at all times, however of course that isn't going to happen any time soon.

We've all seen motorcyclists filter at different speeds, be it through standstill traffic or alternatively 70mph rush hour commutes. One thing that unites the two is the unpredictability of drivers. In standstill traffic there will always be someone who thinks the lane next to them is moving faster, and will decide to change lanes in a split second. There are also others who feel the need to change lanes at ridiculous speeds which can be likened to an action movie sequence. Riders need to remember that, sadly, not every motorist takes into account that there may be vehicles other than cars, vans and lorries on the road - ones which are far more vulnerable.

Speed is also a crucial factor, just because the speed limit says a number doesn't mean you should teeter around that mark. Your speed should be adjusted accordingly, dependant on the number of potential hazards you are approaching, as well as how comfortable you feel in the surroundings. Remember, even if you are doing everything perfectly safely and legally, it doesn't mean that everybody else on the road is.

To reiterate, moderation is key. Get comfortable on your bike and know your surroundings. Sure, we all hate waiting in traffic or being stuck behind the same licence plate mile after mile, but unnecessary risks will potentially elongate your journey even more by forcing an accident as well as injury. Ride safe!

26.07.2015 - Big Ed

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