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This week I headed down to the 2015 International Dirt Bike show with the MCE gang to see what was on offer. I'm a superbike fan at heart, but whenever the show rolls around I can't help but find myself fascinated by a different motorbike culture that draws incredible crowds.

The purpose of MCE's visit was to spread the word of their Laid Up, Fire & Theft policies for bikes used offroad. The trip was evidently worth it as they celebrated their most successful year yet with record numbers of policies sold and an incredible amount of interest.

Me? I was there just for the thrills, it's a tough life but I keep getting away with it somehow.

Some of the stands were incredible, there's just something about Dirt Bikes that make any motorbike fan happy. Most surprising was the diversity of the crowd, all with a collective passion for the bikes on show, ranging from older experienced riders or children getting their first taste of the biking world.

My personal highlight was, as ever, the Wall of Death attraction. I've always been told I'm ballsy on a motorbike but these guys are on another level, going around at ridiculous speeds and just inches away from the crowd who collectively hold their breath watching the daredevils. It was the point when three riders went on the wall of death in unison that I realised they're at another level, I've always thought I'd give anything a go on two wheels, but I'll leave this one to the pros.

Thanks to the International Dirt Bike Show who held another incredible show, it's truly kicked the show season off in style and now I've got the taste of things I may just invite myself to a few more! Bring it on!

02.11.2015 - Big Ed

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