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MCE Insurance I've just got back from the N.I. Motorcycle Festival and it's kicked 2017 off in the right way for me. As I wrote in my last blog I had a bit of a slow start to the year, but a mix of jumping back on the bike as well as my first motorcycle show of the year means I'm safely back in gear and raring to go!

I was really impressed by the show last year, the Eikon Centre is a great venue and the turnout was incredible - but 2017 was bigger and better and it was fantastic to see even more people and exhibitors than last year.

The new Fireblade, the new R6 and the Norton MM all caught my eye - as did the always outstanding BMW, KTM and Triumph stands (I've got my eye on a Bobber...).

It was a great place to walk around with a fantastic atmosphere - it was also a wonderful opportunity for MCE to continue to show everyone what we have to offer, to customers not only in Northern Ireland but in the Republic of Ireland, too.

With record numbers at the stand with incredible deals to match everyone left happy - a special mention to the sales team, I just walk around and look at motorcycles (tough life...), but they spent the weekend working hard to make sure everyone got a deal tailored to them and ensured everyone left happy.

In two weeks time I'm heading to the London Motorcycle Show and I'm already raring to go! Hopefully I'll see you there!

06.02.2017 - Big Ed

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