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MCE Insurance I'm a MCE British Superbike fanatic. Anything that needs to be known about the series, I know it. Anything that doesn't particularly matter, I know that too. In my eyes it's the most exciting race series in the world - strike that - it's the most exciting thing full stop.

Why? Well isn't it obvious? It's just ridiculous, but brilliant. As a kid (yes you heard correctly, I was young once) I'd seen footage on TV of motorcycle racing and been awestruck, it baffles me still that anyone could be anything other. However it was standing next to a live track where I first realised that this was something that I needed to be part of. Seeing motorcycles fly past at incomprehensible speeds and hearing the engines roar is something indescribable, I continue to surround myself with friends that share the same passion, the same primal curiosity and love for a sport that is more than a sport, it's our life.

It's been a long winter, bike shows and events have kept me busy, and I'll be honest it's been amazing fun. I didn't realise how much I've missed motorcycle racing until I went to Donington for the official MCE BSB test day and stood on the pit wall and watched the class of 2016 thunder past and I got that same indescribable feeling that I've been chasing ever since I was young.

For me, this isn't golf on a sunny Sunday. It isn't a kickabout in the park with your mates. It's who I am, and I could be doing literally anything anywhere, but the minute I hear that familiar sound that I've been fascinated by ever since I was a nipper, then I'm reminded of my drug of choice - watching motorcycle riders continually pushing boundaries and asking the question, how can I be faster?

21.04.2016 - Big Ed

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