Birmingham is Britain's whiplash fraud capital

MCE Insurance

Birmingham city centre has the UK's highest motor insurance premiums according to new research due in part to the sheer number of false whiplash claims insurers receive from the area.

Surveys carried out by SmartWitness Incident cameras revealed that Birmingham's insurance premiums have shot up over recent years and are now seven times higher than the cheapest UK city which happens to be Aberdeen. In comparison the price of insuring a BMW 3 series in Birmingham city centre will cost over £1000 and in Aberdeen less than £200.

"Part of the reason for the sharp increase for the car insurance premiums is that Birmingham has become the capital of whiplash claims in the UK. The six top areas for Third Party Injury (TPI) claims are all in Birmingham and it's no great surprise that those neighbourhoods mirror very closely those with the highest premiums in our survey" said Simon Marsh, SmartWitness managing director.

Quotes taken from Fleet news.

27.06.2014 - MCE Insurance

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