Bland Rockets into the Record Books!

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Steve Bland has rocketed into the record books this week, having set the 'Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle' record on his 1400cc Hayabusa! From a standing start the brave rider managed to hit a top speed of 219.5mph over a one mile distance.

The bike (which he also rides on the road!) creates a mind-boggling 550bhp and 400ftlb of torque when the nitrous hits it at full throttle. This record is 2.5mph faster than the previous 15-year-old record set by Richard Albans back in 2000.

The Brit's aspirations do not end there, however. He says his next goal is to "break the 232mph world record, but also to be the first person in the world to hit a terminal speed of 250mph on a nitrous bike. There's one more practice session before the world record attempt in August where I intent to run the bike to 235mph, but I'm looking for sponsorship to bring the title home to the UK, so any help would be appreciated."

Here at MCE Insurance we wish him all the best in his record attempts, it's always great to see people pushing the boundaries of motorcycle racing and this one seems right up our alley! Perhaps we can get Big Ed giving it a go...

28.07.2015 - MCE Insurance

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