Club MCE Testimonial - Brian Manson

MCE Insurance

"I'm not sure what I expected when I received the call from Vicci at MCE Insurance, all I knew was I had won a pillion lap at Cadwell Park on race day and I needed to turn up in my leathers! I entered through the Club MCE app after the sales agent told me about the stuff MCE offer to their customers at the MCE British Superbikes. To be honest I completely forgot I'd done it until I got the call, I was looking forward to it, but if I would have known just what was on offer I don't think I would have been able to sleep for weeks.

When we got to the top paddock the nerves kicked in when I saw Michael Howarth on the Yamaha R1 and before I knew it he was pulling a wheelie and we rocketed away. I was told to look out for the camera guy who was taking my picture, but if I'm honest all I was thinking about was if this guy was ever going to brake!

I've done a few track days and I thought I was a pretty brave rider, but this guy had a screw loose and I loved every minute!

When I got off the bike my legs were jelly and I wish I could have expressed my thanks to Howie and MCE Insurance better, but I'm pretty sure I came off as a stuttering mess! I've bored all of my friends talking about it, but how many people can say they've gone that fast around Cadwell Park on a bike!?

I just want to say thanks to everyone involved for a truly unforgettable experience, you've made my year!"

- Brian Manson

15.01.2016 - Big Ed

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