Filip Backlund announces he will not race in 2017

MCE Insurance Filip Backlund has announced he will sit out the 2017 MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship to focus on his recovery, following a crash with Howie Mainwaring-Smart at the final round of the 2016 MCE BSB calendar.

The Swedish rider sustained a head injury in the incident and has decided to sit out of the season to focus on getting better and not rushing into anything too quickly.

In a statement the rider said: 'The final race was four months ago but it's only been since Christmas that I've been able to do some short walks, three times a week of just 20 minutes each,'

'This is hard for someone who is always in the gym. For two months straight I couldn't do anything physical and during that time after the crash it was worrying as I had issues with speaking, lost my balance and had memory problems. Things have improved, but I realise things will not be right to race in 2017.

'I've been racing for 23 years and you think that the worst thing that can happen is that you could be paralysed, but you can overcome that, as many amazing people have.

'I guess it's that 'superhero' mentality that bike racers have: you break a bone, they plate it or pin it and you race a week or so later. You smash your head and suffer serious concussion and there is no simple fix; it's time that's needed. It's one of those occasions as a racer that we realise we are not super-human and I guess it's a bit of a wake-up call.'

16.02.2017 - Big Ed

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