Guy Martin will not compete in IOMTT in 2016

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Guy Martin has confirmed he will not be racing at this year's Isle of Man TT. The announcement comes as no surprise to many fans, as the Lincolnshire has previously stated he wishes to attempt other things and in his own words, have a 'change of scenery' as his 'brain needs something else'.

Martin will partake in the Tour Divide instead, an intense bicycle ride that he mentioned an interest in in his latest book, 'When You Dead, You Dead'.

Here is the announcement in its entirety:

"Plenty of folk have been asking what I'm up to this year.

"I fancy a change of scenery. I've been racing the TT for 11 years. All I've really done since I was 18, except the trucks, is race motorbikes and my brain needs something else. Every year's the same: testing, racing, then start again. It brought it home to me when I was lying in hospital after the Ulster Grand Prix crash. I've been on about the Tour Divide, the toughest pushbike race in the world, for three years and I thought I'll blink and next thing I'll be 45, so I'm going to do it this year. I like breaking myself mentally and the Tour Divide will be tough, but it's same time at TT, so that's forced me to make a choice.

"I'm not done with motorbikes. I'm attempting the Wall of Death record in the spring and having a go at the land speed record in the summer and if I do race on the roads it will be with TAS.

"After the Tour Divide I might never want to see a pushbike again - or never want to go road racing again, I don't know. But I do know Bruce Anstey and John McGuinness are still racing the TT, and they've got a few years on me, so maybe I'll come back next year. Or maybe I'll find something else interesting to do. I've got more interests than just motorbikes and I just think let's bloody have 'em.

"Thanks very much as ever for the support.


19.01.2016 - MCE Insurance

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