Hill signs former rival Hopkins for 2016 MCE BSB

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The first named rider who will join Tommy Hill's new ePayMe Yamaha team is non-other than his 2011 rival John Hopkins. The spectacular news rocked the paddock on Sunday evening as the MCE BSB action drew to a close at Brands Hatch, home to their final battle of which Tommy Hill emerged victorious and won the championship by a slight 0.006s. Now Hill will be working with Hopkins rather than against to strive to finish on top once more in 2016 on the Yamaha that Josh Brookes took to victory this year.

John Hopkins returned to the championship this year, taking over from the injured Jakub Smrz and sending the Ducati to its first ever MCE BSB podium. His competitiveness obviously didn't go unnoticed from his former rival who announced on final day of the championship that he will be the first addition to his new team.

Tommy Hill said: "I am really happy to confirm John Hopkins as part of the THM ePayMe Yamaha team next year. We have secured a great two rider line-up for next season and I believe that both riders have huge potential. We will be announcing our second rider very soon.

"It's particularly poignant to announce John here at Brands Hatch today because this is the scene of the most memorable race of both our careers and is still the most talked about race in MCE BSB history.

The possibility that Milwaukee Yamaha and Josh Brookes may exit the championship in the coming months may mean that the team will receive factory support, and with a competitive bike combined with two guys who know what it takes to win races they could be a very promising team with their eyes set on the 2016 title.

19.10.2015 - Big Ed

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