Hutchinson explodes at Dunlop in TT press conference

MCE Insurance Following Michael Dunlop's Senior TT victory Ian Hutchinson had some firm words for the Ballymoney rider in the press conference that followed. It was in regards to Wednesday's Supersport race, or more accurately the events that followed.

When speaking to Manx Radio, Dunlop was congratulated on his victory and replied 'I think it should have been 14 but that's what happens...'. It was unclear at the time what he meant by this, however Hutchinson aired his opinion in the press conference about what he felt Dunlop meant.

Hutchinson said: 'The scrutineers were suspect about something that wasn't wrong and Michael's team protested us and then he's tried to spread a rumour that we had oversized pistons. I need to have a pretty big think about whether I'll come back to the TT unless the organisers explain what went on.'

Hutchinson is not only a fan favourite at the IOMTT, but he is also fast becoming one of the most successful riders ever to grace the circuit, so to hear he may not wish to come back to the TT was a surprising statement.

Dunlop was clear in his response, saying: 'It was the scrutineer that pointed it out, not me. That's the way it is, if he wants to bitch at me that's no problem. I'm a big enough man to take it on the chin and it makes no difference to me.'

10.06.2016 - MCE Insurance

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