Injured Motorcyclists Waits Two and a Half Hours for Emergency Services

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An injured motorcyclist was forced to endure a two and a half hour wait following police confusion over which regional force should respond.

Emergency services in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire all believed the casualty was not in their territory and therefore passed the incident off leaving the rider stranded by the roadside with a broken arm.

The motorcyclist in question crashed on Sunday night near Tilbrook, Cambridgeshire. A 999 call was made to the Northamptonshire force however when the case was passed to the Bedfordshire Police they responded that that area was not in their territory.

A car was sent approximately an hour and a half afterwards from Bedfordshire police after being informed no one had addressed the incident, however with the riders exact whereabouts unknown as well as the distance being taken into account it took over an hour to arrive at the scene of the crash.

Cambrideshire Police admitted that a better response time should have been given from all three parties, regardless of where the incident took place.

Chief Inspector Nick Lydall of Bedfordshire Police apologised to the injured party and assured all involved that an investigation in this matter will be taken place.

25.09.2015 - MCE Insurance

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