MCE make policy upgrades even easier!

MCE Insurance Here at MCE Insurance we are always looking to find new ways of making our policies better for you, from cheaper deals to even more benefits we try to provide an insurance package to suit your needs.

An area we focus on is ensuring our policy holder's customer journeys are as efficient and stream lined as possible, from inception to renewal.

When a policy is taken out our aftercare team arrange a follow up call to ensure you are happy with the process so far - on top of this they offer a number of additional upgrades to your policy to further tailor it to you. The benefits are vast - from European breakdown to additional helmet and leather protection, excess reductions to personal injury cover - we can ensure you never go without during your time with us.

Now, for the first time ever we are pleased to announce that we have added an internal phone number so that you can contact the aftercare team at any point during your time with us, just in case you arrange a last minute tour across Europe and would like the additional cover, or instance!

To call the aftercare team to enhance your insurance package simply give MCE Insurance a call on 01933 423797 today!

08.11.2016 - Big Ed

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