MCE Track-Day Bike: Project Complete!

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At every round of the 2015 MCE British Superbike Championship title sponsors MCE will be bringing along a selection of trackday bikes for the public to buy as projects. With three rounds already down, the interest in the bikes has been very positive and a number have been sold. From 125's to 1400's there has been a machine for everyone, trackday enthusiasts and bikers alike have been visiting the MCE stand to lust over these fantastic project bikes.

On day one of the very first MCE BSB round at Donington Park in April, a 2008 Honda Fireblade at the forefront of the stand had been generating a lot of interest, and was soon snapped up for a price well under its retail value. As the bike in question had been salvaged and needed a bit of TLC (namely a new front end and some fairings!) - the lucky buyer Vince Heaton saw the potential in this slightly battered beauty and decided to take up the challenge.

Just under two months on, we caught up with him and asked how the future track bike is fairing. "It's hunky dory!" He cheerfully responds. "I've been quite lucky getting hold of the parts and I got a company to basically repaint the frame! I've effectively added £2000 in value to the bike for very little cost and effort".

The biggest struggle it seems was breaking the news to his partner, "I hadn't actually gone to Donington to buy one! When I came back with the bike and not a t-shirt she was surprised to say the least!" However after the dust settled and the project began on restoring the bike to its former glory, Vince says "I've really enjoyed getting home from work because of it - it's been so much fun to work on!"

Following this the bike has "passed its MOT with flying colours" and Vince is already asking what bikes MCE Insurance will be bringing to future rounds because he's already after the next project - we just hope he can persuade his partner again!

Come along to the MCE Insurance stand at any round of this year's MCE British Superbike Championship and have a look for yourselves at the track day bikes on display - we guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised! Included in every purchase is a free laid up, fire and theft policy, a free MSVT track day as well as free track day cover! So come on down and find yourself a bargain!

To see more of what MCE Claims has to offer in the way of salvage bikes, visit their Ebay shop.

*Trackday bike offerings only available on bikes bought at MCE BSB.

29.05.2015 - Big Ed

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