Michael Dunlop bags Senior TT win

MCE Insurance Michael Dunlop has broken his own outright lap record in the Senior TT, bringing the 2016 Isle of Man TT to a close. The Hawk Racing BMW rider bagged his 13th TT victory putting in a 133.962mph lap in the process, he was joined on the podium by Ian Hutchinson and John McGuinness, some 31.4s behind.

Dunlop led Hutchinson by 2.8s after the first lap and the island was filled with excitement, the fans knowing that these two would scrap for everything and give nothing away unless they absolutely had to.

When it came to the pit stop the leading two had a 26 second gap on Anstey who took the place after Hickman was forced to retire. Dunlop and Hutchinson stayed relatively the same distance apart, however it was McGuinness who came off best in the pits, rocketing to third place following a swift service from the Honda crew.

Johnson was forced to retire, as was David Johnson who slid out unhurt - he was able to put in a 130mph lap on the Norton, an incredible achievement in itself.

The action settled down and the gap remained relatively unchanged in the following few laps, at two thirds race distance Dunlop put in a quicker pit stop and gained five seconds on Hutchinson, which would have inevitably helped his confidence in this commanding ride.

Dunlop was visibly elated when he rode past the chequered flag, followed by Hutchinson and McGuinness who bagged his 46th TT podium in the process.

Harrison finished fourth, followed by Anstey, Cummins, Rutter, Johnston, Hillier and Lintin making up the top ten.

10.06.2016 - MCE Insurance

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