Millions tune in to watch Guy Martin set new Wall of Death record

MCE Insurance On Monday evening Guy Martin set a new Wall of Death Guinness World Record, achieving a blistering pace of 78.150mph.

The programme was broadcast live on Channel Four and was hailed by two-wheel enthusiasts as a fantastic way of getting motorcycles onto mainstream television.

Guy Martin roared around the 37-metre diameter wall in Lincolnshire just up the road from his home - with the intention of being back fixing trucks in the morning.

The 34 year old needed to go faster than 60mph to break the Guinness World record and managed to accomplish that on his very first run, recording a speed of 70.33mph.

Martin then opted to jump on his BSA-based custom motorcycle instead of the Indian Scout used earlier the show and achieved the final speed of 78.150mph, putting himself under forces of 5.2G in the process.

The Lincolnshireman evidently wanted another run to hit 80mph, however with time constraints as well as health and safety concerns Martin was told another run would not be possible.

29.03.2016 - MCE Insurance

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