MotoGP is 'more exciting' than F1- Lewis Hamilton

MCE Insurance It has always been common knowledge that Lewis Hamilton is a fan of two wheels, this week he went one step further in criticizing his sport and mentioning his belief that MotoGP is 'more exciting' than F1.

The reigning world champion was asked if F1 is 'broken, lacking direction, or in rude health?' while in Barcelona where he is currently testing for 2016. He replied 'I would probably say the first two you suggested'.

A subsequent question about MotoGP highlighted his fondness for the sport, he said 'MotoGP is just so cool and much more exciting to watch, I would say. Just because it's closer racing. Valentino is incredible and is my favourite as he is for a lot of people'

'I really need to try a MotoGP bike, I'm dying to at least get on the back of one, that would be so cool. I just won't tell my team!

'I definitely want to make it to more races this year, I've only been to one in a season.'

04.03.2016 - Big Ed

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