Motocross Mayhem!

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A number of motorbike riders get bitten by the bug at an early age, playing on fields and other off-road areas on 50-125cc bikes, for many it is a rite of passage. Furthermore, it is arguably a great way of gaining experience before moving on to road legal, bigger bikes when they grow up.

It is therefore sad to hear that South Tyneside are having to crack down on off-road motorbike riders in the area, due to the fact that they are considered to be a public nuisance and the number of complaints have spiked recently. Parents have subsequently been advised to only buy their children these vehicles if they can use them in an environment deemed suitable for these purposes.

The complaints have stemmed from a number of cases in which public car parks, public roads and private land have been illegally accessed by these riders, causing a danger to themselves and to others in the area. South Tyneside police have made people in the area aware that riding bikes illegally can lead to their bikes being seized and subsequently crushed if ridden unlawfully, and also resulting in possible motoring convictions which will affect insurance quotes in the future.

Dave Hudson, Neighbourhood inspector said "Motorbike disorder causes considerable disruption to the local community not only that it can be dangerous, especially for pedestrians." A very true fact when considering that however low the motorcycle cc may be, they are still extremely dangerous if ridden unsafely and recklessly, to not only the rider, but parents, their children and animals in the surrounding area.

It is never nice to hear motorcyclists creating a bad name for themselves, to the detriment of other bikers elsewhere. Hopefully this crackdown will result in a widespread awareness of the fact that there is not only a time and a place for motorcycle riding, but an etiquette and respect to others that must be adhered to, regardless of age, engine size or location.

22.02.2015 - Big Ed

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