Motorists face harsher penalty for mobile offences

MCE Insurance As of the first of March, motorists caught using their phone whilst behind the wheel will face a fine of up to £200, doubling the previous amount, offenders will also receive up to six penalty points.

This firm stance comes as great news for motorcyclists nationwide (as well as pedestrians, cyclists and other road users) who depend on the faith that every other road user out there is giving the road their complete attention.

Six points is double the amount of some other driving convictions, such as SP30's (exceeding the speed limit) which tend to be three - however the case could be made that people can unintentionally speed - however no one can accidentally use their phone whilst at the wheel, therefore a zero-tolerance stance can be justified.

The new rules apply in England, Scotland and Wales - it is estimated that 11 million motorists have admitted to making or receiving a phone call in the year leading up to the report, and an additional five million people took photos or videos whilst at the wheel.

Hopefully these new rules will deter motorists from using their phones when behind the wheel, as well as highlighting the importance of giving the road and other users of it your full attention.

02.03.2017 - Big Ed

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