Pedrosa triumphs as Rossi and Marquez clash

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Dani Pedrosa emerged victorious in today's Malaysian Grand Prix, however it won't be that that makes the headlines tomorrow, but the spectacular clash between Rossi and Marquez.

Pedrosa made an incredible start and rode a solid race that earned him his 51st GP victory, with Lorenzo finishing in second place. His teammate and rival Valentino Rossi finishing in third place, but it was a hollow victory for the Italian with an impending visit to race direction to discuss his conduct in the penultimate race of the season.

Lorenzo forced his way up to second place and Marquez was the buffer between him and championship leader Rossi. It then became clear that if Rossi wanted this win he would have to battle with the rider who he had accused of favouring Lorenzo earlier in the week.

Pedrosa and Lorenzo created a gap on Rossi and Marquez as they battled it out for the third place position, continually swapping places and each on the very edge with their bikes at the limit. With tensions mounting Rossi swore at Marquez, evidently frustrated at Lorenzo streaking off into the distance. The battle ended when Rossi seemingly tried to run Marquez wide and made contact, resulting in the Spaniard crashing out and gifting Rossi the third place podium.

Following the race the decision of race direction was that Valentino deliberately ran wide in the corner resulting in a crash and danger to the competitors. Following the unanimous decision three penalty points were added to the one currently on Rossi's record, meaning he will start from the back of the grid at the final race in Valencia. Seven points currently separate the two riders and this has arguably gifted Lorenzo the championship, unless Rossi can pull off something spectacular and attempt to make his way through the grid when the race arrives.

It was a great race from Pedrosa and hopefully when all of the dust settles around the Rossi/Marquez controversy he will receive further coverage. All of this makes an incredibly exciting final race of the season, we can't wait to see the dramatic conclusion of an incredible season!

25.10.2015 - MCE Insurance

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