Rossi blasts Marquez in post-race press conference

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Valentino Rossi has voiced his views on Marc Marquez's actions, or lack of, in Sunday's Valencia race. The post-race press conference had an incredible turn out; full of eager journalists awaiting Rossi's reaction of Lorenzo's victory and the part Marquez had to play in it.

The Italian described Marquez as 'a bodyguard' for Lorenzo in the race, even preventing his teammate Pedrosa from attempting a pass on the Movistar Yamaha rider.

Rossi spoke at length to the media in Italian, which is uncharacteristic as the rider usually opts for English when speaking to the press. The reason behind this is unclear; however it would most likely be so he could describe the events concisely and choose his words wisely in his native language.

He said: "For me if you check the races of Marc Marquez in the last two years you know he always tries to overtake on the last lap. So the question is why Marc Marquez never tried to overtake Jorge Lorenzo and never tried to make one attempt on the last lap?

"I said this already on Thursday and it happened exactly as I expected. Today the race was quite embarrassing. The last lap I think was quite bad for all the sport, because something happened that never happened before. I think I played my cards in the best way but I'm very sad with this finish.

"I think that this championship had the potential to become one of the best of the last years because of the battle with Jorge. But unfortunately at the last three races something changed. Something happened that nobody expected, first of all me but also a lot of other people. That is Marc Marquez decide to protect Lorenzo to help him win the championship."

It is likely no one other than Marquez will ever truly know if Rossi's views on his actions are true, however it is fair to say that with the fan base Rossi has the words will echo around the world and many opinions on Marquez will subsequently change due to them.

09.11.2015 - MCE Insurance

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