Round 12 - MCE British Superbike Championship - Brands Hatch GP - Race Three

MCE Insurance James Ellison's victory in race two was overshadowed somewhat with the battle between Haslam and Byrne raging on, however the JG Speedfit Kawasaki rider was able to repeat the win in race three, rocketing to the finishing line ahead of Hopkins and Byrne.

Ellison, Hopkins and Kiyonari hit the front at the start of the race, however the red flags came out due to James Rispoli suffering a technical problem, leaving an oil line at Hawthorn.

The clean up operation was successful, however left a puddle of water at one of the fastest parts of the circuit and therefore delayed proceedings further. When the action resumed it was down to a ten-lap sprint, of which Ellison was once more able to capitalise on.

Kiyonari who was having a fantastic race, compared to his uninspiring 2016 season, began to drop back the order and the likes of Hopkins, Iddon, Haslam and Byrne pushed him back - it was fantastic to see a return to form for a brief period from the rider, however.

Haslam and Byrne began to scrap in the closing stages, Byrne wanting to finish the year on a high and Haslam attempting to salvage some pride and finish ahead of the rider for a final time in 2016. The pair made contact on the final lap in their final sprint, however Byrne finished on top, finishing third with Haslam forced to settle for fourth. Hopkins finished second, celebrating a double podium finish for the ePayMe Yamaha team.

16.10.2016 - Big Ed

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