Samsung Unveil 'Safety Truck'

MCE Insurance

Bikers know more than anybody the potential perils of overtaking a lorry in even the safest of circumstances. This week Samsung unveiled a revolutionary idea that may just change things forever.

The prototype, labelled the 'Safety Truck', has a camera at the front filming what's going in front of the vehicle. This image is then relayed in real-time to the back of the vehicle on huge screens informing the person behind whether or not it is safe to overtake, or if there are any potential obstacles or bends that they need to be aware of.

A Samsung spokesman said: "This idea can definitely save the lives of many people" and from advanced tests in Argentina the "technology works" and may just be on the cards for a worldwide rollout to prevent potential fatalities on the road.

The 'Safety Truck' will also be fitted with night vision technology so that the technology will give better visibility to road users at all times.

Samsung have said that it could potentially save thousands of lives every year and prevent dangerous overtaking across the board. Here at MCE Insurance we think it's a great idea and hope this developing technology will make its way onto our roads, we all know the fears that even the most confident of riders face when stuck behind a lorry, and this is a great way of ensuring the safest of surroundings for all.

22.06.2015 - MCE Insurance

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