The Motorbike of the Future?

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This week TE Connectivity unveiled their new motorcycle and it has already provided quite a stir in the biking community. It isn't because of its speed, its fuel economy or its looks; all three are arguably slightly disappointing!

The novel twist we are referring to is it is a fully functioning 3D-printed motorcycle except for the addition of such things as tyres, mirrors and its modest 1hp electric motor, which can't yet be 3D printed for obvious reasons. With vital parts such as the frame and wheel bearings completely produced in plastic this is an impressive development, especially when the designers are claiming it can support up to 400lbs, equating to two adult passengers.

Modelled on a Harley-Davidson Softail, the bike can travel at 15mph for several minutes powered by its 1hp electric motor. While this is not particularly impressive it seems that the company aren't looking to mass-produce the model any time soon, but to demonstrate the incredible things that can be done using this technology.

Here at MCE Insurance we think it's a great addition to an already diverse and evolving market. Even though it is only a concept as of yet, this 1hp motorcycle could become a building block for biking as we know it! In the last few years 3D printing has gone from making ornamental products to prototypes such as this with moving parts and intricate detail, who knows where the developing technology will take us.

We'll hold judgement until we see the superbike!

30.05.2015 - MCE Insurance

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