The all new Africa Twin

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In 2015 Honda unveiled the Africa Twin, with an all-new four stoke parallel twin engine packing 1000cc's. Sticking to the iconic Paris-Dakar design the bike instantly generated excitement in the motorcycling community with its cutting edge technology combined with its robust appearance.

According to Honda, everything from the ground up was designed to adhere to two words - 'go anywhere' - a bike to fit all purposes in the increasingly popular adventure market. This is a bike said to be as comfortable on tarmac as it is off-road - and everything in between the two.

The model was first introduced in 1988 before being discontinued some 15 years later in 2003. The new model lacks the v-twin that was a fan favourite in the previous model, however the parallel twin design allows for additional electronics and control systems, as well as making the engine easier to access and tinker with if the time should ever arise when necessary work needs to be taken on whilst in the wilderness.

The slogan 'True Adventure' has been adopted by Honda, perhaps a dig at other manufacturers whose adventure bikes would look out of place anywhere but on tarmac, this bike looks like, rides like and is everything that you want an adventure bike to be.

27.01.2016 - MCE Insurance

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