The Kawasaki H2 - The Best Since Sliced Bread?

MCE Insurance Paul Hollywood is known to most as the co-host of the hugely successful Great British Bake Off, however in the biking world he has made a name for himself in a completely different way, becoming one of the first people in the UK to have a Kawasaki H2 delivered. The "confirmed petrol head" says he first knew he must have one when he witnessed the dyno-display of the H2R and was blown away by its "sheer presence".

No bike enthusiast can deny that the 1000cc supercharged motorbike has generated a lot of attention in the community, bolstered by roaring demonstrations of the H2R at Birmingham's NEC last November as well as glowing reviews from the press, the H2 is widely regarded as "a piece of biking history" as the master baker states. He went on to say "the unique sound" that the 200bhp bike made convinced him then "to put his name down" and he is looking forward to the "rush of owning and riding" the bike.

Many motorcycling fans joked of their disappointment on online forums that they were expecting Mary Berry, his elder co-host, to have been the recipient of the bike - she is yet to comment on her interest.

Kawasaki commented that "the gleaming Kawasaki is the ultimate high performance two-wheeler and a "must have" for Paul from the day he first encountered the much talked about new model", and here at MCE we don't blame him, the beast-like-bike will no doubt be wowing the biking world for years to come!

30.04.2015 - MCE Insurance

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