A new revolution in cafe racers

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Cafe racers have been being built by budding bikers since the 1960s. They came about when rockers started to mod bikes making them look more like race bikes. Road racers initially coined the phrase 'cafe racers' as the bikers didn't actually race, they just sat outside cafes.

The movement continued into the 70s with self taught modders turning to Japanese machinery rather than British for their creations. Today the scene still lives on and cafe racers are still being knocked together in people garages. But this is where the change is happening. Manufacturers have started to pick up on this culture and have started to release retro styled motorbikes such as the Honda CB1100 and the Triumph's Thruxton. Not only are they releasing motorbikes that look the part but also bikes that are designed to be modded by the owner. The new MT range from Yamaha is the perfect example of this as they encourage you to customise the machine to how you'd like it.

Needless to say this revolution is in the early stages but be prepared to see some low handle barred, open canned modern cafe racers zooming down a road near you soon.

26.11.13 - Big Ed

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