Adventure bikes outsell sportsbikes in the UK

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So far in 2012 the Adventure sport category has sold 8,990 units topping that of the 8,548 units sold in the Supersport category. The turn in the tide is clear as the Adventure bike category has seen a 30% increase in sales from the same period last year (2011). The Supersport category, on the other hand, has seen a shocking 4.1% decrease on 2011.

July looked like a strong month for the Adventure bike category with sales increasing by 13.9% on last years total of 1,103 units. The Triumph Tiger 1215 has proved to be the most popular bike that month selling an impressive 89 units.

An increase of 13.5% from July last year for the Supersport category would imply that they also had a very good month selling 1,270 units, however figures can be deceiving as all 125cc sportsbikes are now also being included in the "supersport" section. The 125cc Sportsbikes make up a large percentage of total sales in the supersport section, the Yamaha YZF-R125 is the number one selling motorbike in July 2012 selling 186 of the 1,270 total units sold in the supersport category!

Is the UK starting to follow our European neighbours in favour of Adventure and Naked bike? One thing for sure is that if this trend continues adventure bikes will easily outsell supersport motorbikes in 2012.

23.08.2012 - MCE Insurance

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