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Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) is becoming the norm in new cars and insurers are starting to drop premiums for vehicles that have it fitted.

The safety system aids drivers when the worse happens and an accident occurs by applying harder braking faster stopping the machine sooner and hopefully causing less damage to driver and vehicle. It's been rolling out over the last few years and insurers are just starting to reward with discounts to premiums of the vehicles that have it fitted.

Chief executive of the motor insurance industry's research organisation Thatcham, Peter Shaw commented, "Thatcham has been testing and researching AEB equipped cars for three years now and believe these braking systems will soon be considered just as essential as airbags and seatbelts for car safety by helping avoid the crashes that cause injury and damage. I hope that insurance discounts will influence buyers to choose cars with AEB fitted which is great news for all drivers on UK roads."

Thankfully there's nothing in place for a AEB system for motorcycles as I imagine a bike that brakes itself would be dangerous but on the flip side more cars with AEB systems could well mean the roads would be safer for bikers as it takes out some of the human element.

Quotes taken from Moneywise.

30.08.2014 - MCE Insurance

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