Better riding skills? Better quote!

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Let's face it, riding a bike isn't the easiest thing in the world and we'd all like to be that little bit better than we already are. Whether it's throwing your knee down on the track or just being more alert on the road. Learner training doesn't cover every single base so it's important to know what advanced courses are out there if you want to touch up on those skills.

In the same way pass plus for driving licenses works, there are advanced riding courses that motorcyclists can do that can help to reduce their motorcycle insurance quote.

On the advanced motorcycle riding course you can learn more about the following skills in riding a motorbike:

  • Positioning - hugging the kerb or middle of the road?
  • Counter steering - turn the bars left you go right, and right goes left...
  • Overtaking - how to get ahead
  • Town riding and filtering - morning commute riding, gridlock intimidation
  • Low speed control - a question of balance
  • Braking - stop the right way
  • Group riding - becoming a member of the pack...

Advanced is a bad word and can put some people off - but it's about enhancing the skills you already have and taking them to the next level in your riding ability.

So get involved and not only will you come out feeling more confident but it could also save you some pennies on your insurance!

27.07.12 - Emma Westley

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