Beware Ghost Brokers

MCE Insurance

These 'ghost brokers' pose as legitimate middlemen often using listing sites such as Gumtree and student sites to advertise their fraudulent services. The culture of shopping around online for the best deal has actually played into these fraudsters hands. They promote heavily discounted insurance policies from well known brands to hook the potential victims, often found to be young riders searching for cheap deals. These young riders may have not insured a bike before and can be coaxed in by the impressive discounts only to find they are not insured. This in turn could lead to criminal convictions for the rider as it is against the law to ride without insurance.

The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department has started a campaign to crack down on these fraudsters and has already made a large number of arrests as well as recovering millions in stolen cash. The ghost brokers often operate from residential addresses and can be just one man and a laptop.

MCE's Group Chief Executive Julian Edwards commented, "The internet has made ghost broking into a business. Fraudsters are able to advertise their fake services in plain site and as many young riders search for that best deal they may get duped. Our advice is always use a well known broker that you can trust and go direct. With MCE you'll get 3 months free* just for doing so."

*Offer does not apply to price comparison sites. 15 months for the price of 12.

07.02.2014 - MCE Insurance

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