Big Ed Shakes Things Up

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Over the past few weeks the internet has been taken by storm by viral videos of a thing called the 'Harlem Shake'. The song by Baauer was picked up by some students who made a 30 second clip of them dancing to it. From there more and more videos started spawning, getting bigger, louder and more hilarious. Youtube said last week that it was receiving more 4000 Harlem Shake videos a day. Online crazes live and die fast and the man in the Big helmet wanted some of the action.

The MCE Insurance team came into work on what seemed like a normal day only to find Big Ed had taken over the office floor and set up a camera. An hour later and Big Ed's Harlem Shake was born. Being published on day of conception the video received nearly 5000 views in the first 12 hours and continues to be watched and loved by many.

Club MCE members should be prepared at the upcoming MCE British Superbike rounds as now Big Ed has the bug for making videos and will want volunteers. Gears are turning in his massive helmet crafting new ideas ready for the new season and he'll need all the help he can get. Any suggestions feel free to post them to Big Ed's Facebook.

To watch Big Ed's Harlem Shake click here: YouTube.

28.02.13 - MCE Insurance

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