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One of the first things many motorcyclists discuss upon obtaining their licence is a proper ride out. We're not talking about a trip down a few country lanes, but an adventure across Europe for instance, a true opportunity to get accustomed to riding and enjoy your new found passion. One thing that hastily must be addressed is what to pack for the adventure - with limited luggage this guide will inform you of a few things that are essential to any road trip.

First of all a safe and easily detachable bag is necessary to keep all of your vital belongings in, from your cash to your passport you will need something comfortable and safe to keep on your person at all times during your trip, even when you're away from the bike. You will also need your personal documentation for the motorbike you are riding, as well as any items that the law stipulates, for instance some countries require a high visibility jacket or a first aid kit. Ensure you check the rules from country to country to make sure you're not caught out!

You should also ensure you thoroughly check your motorcycle before departing; you will be living with the problems for potentially hundreds of miles so make sure your bike is primed and ready. Basic checks and maintenance are a must, make sure you look over tyre condition, do oil changes where necessary, check your brakes and of course make sure nothing is wobbling or leaking!

Proper security on your pride and joy is also key; whenever your bike is left anywhere make sure that it is as safe as can be. We've seen some horrors of the keys left in the ignition as someone pops into the shop, we don't need to outline why that's a poor decision.

Planning your route is essential. Even if you're using a sat nav you should have a basic idea of the route you will be taking. If you use a device and it cuts out you may be left stranded with no concept of where you are.

Most importantly, pack what you need, not what you want. Ask yourself do you really need your whole collection of Big Ed t-shirts!? Or another pair of shorts because 'you never know...'. The lighter you pack the easier the bike will handle, and the more fun you'll have!

On the insurance side of things, with an MCE policy you'll be getting 183 days European cover. So whatever trip you've got planned, you can be safe in the knowledge that we've got your back if you need us and just get on with enjoying yourself.

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17.05.15 - Big Ed

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