Big Ed's Workshop - Rear wheel change

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Following on from the last Big Ed's Workshop here's my guide to whipping the rear wheel off. Again this is a handy skill to have as it will save you time and money when making repairs...

Rear off

Get your bike up on a stand. If you've got a centre stand that makes things a lot easier but if not a paddock stand will do, just get that rear wheel off the ground. Next up check your brake arrangement, for drum brakes undo any cables and rods attached until the brake is free, you may have to undo the main spindle nut to give them some movement before they release. For disc brakes it's a bit of a different story, get the main spindle nut undone and then knock the spindle through. Keep an eye on the arrangement along the spindle as you'll want to put it back the same way. It will usually go, wheel, spacer, caliper mount, swinging arm and finally the nut. Once the spindle is out you'll be able to drop the wheel down and remove the chain. I usually hang it on the swinging arm so it's ready for when the wheel goes back on. Next remove the wheel and it's ready to be worked on.

Rear on

Place the wheel back into position on the bike; you'll have a chain to put back on one side and the brake arrangement on the other. Don't forget to put all your spacers back in! Use a screwdriver to gently open brake pads if you're finding it hard to get them on the disc. It will all fall into place and feel right when you get it. Stick some copper grease on the spindle and pop it back through again making sure everything goes in the right place. Redo the spindle nut back up and re-attach any brake cables etc you removed before. And that's all there is to it! Job done.

I hope this guide helps with any maintenance you may have coming up, stay tuned for more from the workshop soon...I've got a head gasket job coming up so that'll be fun!

16.05.14 - Big Ed

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