Brazilian Biker Rides 60 miles with Knife Stuck in Head

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Here at MCE we've always known motorcyclists are a different breed. With this in mind when we heard the news that Juacela Nunes rode his motorcycle 60 miles to the nearest hospital with a knife stuck in his head, we were convinced it must be true.

The brave Brazilian biker managed to stay awake as the doctors removed the 30cm knife from his head, thankfully missing his eye and miraculously causing no serious injury. Furthermore, he also suffered stab wounds to his throat and chest, apparently inflicted by a group of men; however Nunes cannot recall the incident. He told G1 news 'I at no time fainted and remained conscious even with pain', and managed to haul himself to his bike and to the hospital.

60 miles for many bikers could be a daily commute, or even a Sunday ride out with a few friends. Yet with a knife embedded in your skull and multiple other stab wounds we daresay every mile would be a marathon.

Nunes is expected to make a full recovery after an undoubtedly tortuous journey, combined with a draining 3 hour surgery to remove the weapon. The biker is already reportedly at home with his wife in Brazil, and our respect and admiration go out to him, it just goes to show that in times of crisis bikers do it better!

21.12.2014 - MCE Insurance

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