Buying a used bike?

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So if you lucky guys are thinking of trading your bike in for an upgrade here are a few tips on buying used. If your thinking of buying new try get one that's only a year old you save so much doe and could probably end up getting a better deal overall.

Big Ed tip number 1: First and foremost save up so you can get your hands on the best model out there for you and its makes it easier for to haggle them down if you have cash in hand ;-)

Big Ed tip number 2: Paper work is vital! Check the service manual, set of dealer stamps, receipts and MOT history. You can find the MOT history on this website MOT history checker

Big Ed tip number 3: Closely inspect the motorbike in daylight for any dents scratches. Poor colour matches on the bodywork may give signs of crash damage and lots of stone chips show lots of motorway driving.

Big Ed tip number 4: The chassis and engine number have to match the log book.

Big Ed tip number 5: Make sure the handle bars turn from lock to lock, to test the steering head bearings. There should be a hint of friction as you turn the handle bars. Avoid any bikes where the steering head bearings are damaged.

Big Ed tip number 6: Check the rear suspension, there should still be adjustment when you bounce it up and down

Big Ed tip number 7: The wheels can tell you a lot about how the bike has been drove by the current owner. A squared off wheel will show lots of commuting and motorway riding. A track day fan's wheels will have ragged edges.

Big Ed tip number 8: Start the engine from cold, listen for any rattling or knocking and check for any oil or coolant leaks as the engine is running.

Finally: Keep it legal and make sure you get insured to ride it home! If you want a quick quote, call the friendly team at MCE on 0844 338 68 88

23.01.2012 - Big Ed

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