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According to a survey carried out by a leading price comparison website - after years of steady rises in the cost of car insurance, premiums have now fallen by over 7%.

The average fully comprehensive policy in April-June 2012 was £797. This is £56.58 (or 7.1%) lower figures taken in spring 2011.

Despite this decrease, women are still getting car insurance cheaper than men. On average men pay approx. £110 more.

The elderly come out on top with the recent fall in prices, with drivers over the age of 71 paying the least on average at £426 per year and also enjoying the highest year on year reduction of 8.8%.

Young drivers have also seen big falls but with an average policy price for fully comp insurance sitting at £2491 for the age bracket 17-20 - this is the highest of all age ranges.

The price for young drivers is also highly dependent on where they live and if they are male or female:

17-20 year old male drivers in Manchester/Merseyside on average pay £5394, whilst the same age and sex in Central Scotland pay a more modest amount of £2999.

17-20 year old female drivers have an average premium of £1878 on average for comprehensive insurance, while men of the same age have to pay an average of £1718 more.

However from 21st December 2012 the European Court of Justice has ruled that unisex premiums and benefits will be applied. This directive prohibits all discrimination based on sex in the access to and supply of goods and services.

At MCE Insurance we are able to offer bikers a truly exclusive offering for their car insurance. This is particularly beneficial for young male drivers who have had a bike for a number of years and looking to pass their driving test.

The cost of first car insurance can often prevent younger drivers from buying a car however if you have had your bike and car license for more than 1 year, MCE are able to offer a policy on cars that after 1 year will reflect the number of years you have had your bike license in No Claims Bonus (NCB).

To get a quote simply call 0844 338 69 16 and speak to one of the friendly guys.

19.07.12 - Emma Westley

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