Check the small print on your bike insurance, expert warns

MCE Insurance

As more wintery conditions approach, Brits have once again been urged to check the small print of their motorcycle insurance policies to ensure they are covered for weather-related incidents and breakdowns. MCE Insurance this week stated that motorcycle riders should be extra vigilant on the roads as the colder weather brings more difficult driving conditions.

Given the increased risk of breakdowns and accidents over the winter months the organisation claimed that comprehensive breakdown cover is essential for safety, particularly on two wheels. An MCE spokeswoman explained: "Breakdown cover is now a necessity when purchasing a new vehicle and that's why we include breakdown cover with our policies for all bike riders."

Making routine checks on your bike before setting out in the colder conditions can prevent you from breakdowns. MCE's Big Ed says "Make sure you check you oil levels, anti freeze, tyre pressure and tread. As an extra precaution take supplies in case of the inevitable happens like a high-visibility jacket, breakdown triangle and a torch."

04.01.2012 - Big Ed

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